Ross Fitzgerald, writing in Australian Literary Review (2.12.09) of the Australian edition of this biography, noted that “Carole Walkers concise and satisfying new biography …. serves us well, and goes a long way in cementing Chisholm’s place in our history and casts a new and revealing light on her life”.

Don Chisholm, descendent of Caroline wrote: “Just the type of objective analysis that Caroline herself would have welcomed. Excellent”.

Felix Larkin reviewing the biography of Caroline Chisholm in The Irish Catholic on February 11th 2010 notes that: “What distinguishes this book from earlier biographies is its scholarship.While undoubtedly written in admiration of its subject, it nevertheless eschews hagiography – and that is how it should be. People from the past are human, just like us.  We should not enlarge them beyond what they were in life. Our heroes are more attractive, and their lives are more inspiring, when we see them as real human beings – in all their complexity.”