A Saviour of Living Cargoes:
The Life and Work of Caroline Chisholm, 1808–1877

A book by Carole Walker

Walker-cover-caroline-chisholmIn Australia in the early 1840s, Caroline helped single-female emigrants arriving in the colony without family, friends, money or jobs. She established a home for these young women, which was later extended to house families and young men. The home also became an employment agency, with Caroline leading large groups inland to find work. In Britain, she was tireless in her efforts to assist migration to Australia. Carole Walker’s research casts new light on the life of a remarkable woman. In her day, she was a public figure as well-known as Florence Nightingale.

About the Author

After an earlier career as a Personal Assistant and raising a family, Carole returned to further education, studying for a B.A. in English Literature at Loughborough University, and a Masters Degree in Victorian Studies at Leicester University.

Whilst working on her dissertation for her Masters Degree, Carole came across the work of Caroline Chisholm and was hooked, successfully completing a Doctorate on Caroline’s life and work several years later.

Carole believes that Caroline Chisholm deserves to be better known in Britain and, as well as her book, A Saviour of Living Cargoes, The Life and Work of Caroline Chisholm, (published in Australia by Connor Court Publishing and Wolds Publishing in the UK, available on Amazon) continues to work for Caroline’s better recognition.

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